Church as Mother

I’m a Baptist and if you’re reading this you may already be aware of that fact.  However, odd as it may be, I am growing in my appreciation for conservative Catholic thought from economics, politics, to family life.  My wife, for Christmas, got me a subscription to Chronicles magazine.  Anthony Esolen, author of the popular book Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child, writes an article about a recent synod on the ailments of the family in the present time by Roman Catholic bishops.  His disappointment with the synod is clear and he labels it as effeminate.  The part of the article which I found to be the most interesting is the closing paragraph where the author laments the long term effects of the synod on those in the church.  While protestant evangelicals do not often think of the church as our mother (though maybe we should) I think this quote is helpful for protestants, especially pastors:

The mother who loves her children corrects them and bids them obey their father.  The mother who coddles her children and mocks their father does not.  The mother who loves her children forgives them their sins.  The mother who excuses their sins does not. The mother who loves her children teaches the truth and holds them to it.  The mother who lets her children do as they please, and calls it good enough, does not.


Haven’t done this in a while but…

I haven’t “blogged” in years but through the encouragement of a friend I’m deciding to give it a whirl.  I plan on writing about whatever is brewing in my mind-whatever I’m thinking about, reading about, talking to friends about, listening to, watching on TV, etc.